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Welcome to Kirkens Sosialtjeneste - The Social service of the Church (SSC)
Kirkens Sosialtjeneste is a private foundation in Norway. Its purpose is to promote and conduct diaconal activities on the Norwegian Church ground. The activities will improve the qualityof life for people in need.

The organisation has 17 companies and two sections:
Child welfare and health
- substance abuse treatment
- mental health
- development aldisabilities

After-care centres for ex-prisoners and drug addicts
- follow-up of drug addicts
- job training
- social housing.

After-care centres for ex-prisoners and drug addicts
In 1994 the first After- Care Centres for ex-prisoners and people with drug problems was born in Bergen. In 1996 a second centre was established in the city of Hamar. Behind stands an organisation called The Social service of the Church. (SSC)

SSC decided to develop more of these centres. A project leader was hired in 1999. The result of this project was two new centres, both established in 2001. The locations are in the middle of Norway and far up in the north.

SSC collaborate with both local and central authorities and other organisations. The centres are lead by a group with members from the local office of Justice, local authorities, the local parish and private organisations. It is difficult to provide money for drifting the centres. Money is given by the state, local authorities, testamentary funds and some gifts. The first three years it is easy to get money from funds and legacies because it is a limited project.

Treatment for people with drug problems is well developed in Norway. But there is a missing link. When the treatment is finished and the prisoners leave the prison, they are left alone. Because of this they soon get back to the drugs and prison. The need for After- Care is increasing. 

The employed are well educated and trained for this kind of work. In addition there are several volunteers with different backgrounds. The contact starts in prison or during the period of treatment. A good relation is necessary to continue the contact when things get difficult. The centres try to see each of the users as an individual and as a whole person with specific needs. Everybody can get help in our centres. There is no expectation of a Christian faith. The centres do not evangelize. First of all this is diakonical work, that means to serve to peoples needs. All sides of the human life are important. People have physical, psychical, social and spiritual needs. Those who are positive to Christianity can if they approve be included in a Christian fellowship. In each centre there is a room with Christian symbols that is called “room of silence”. The mission is to provide individual help to those who come to the centre, on their own terms. They can get advice, practical help and assistance to develop a social network.